10 Things You Need to Know Before Selling Online

Before you sell furniture online, the following are important pitfalls you must avoid.

  1. Follow the Rules

Marketplace rules and policies are important and must be adhered to if you want to remain online with your business. As a beginner, you may not want to get your account suspended after investing a lot in inventory. Hence, it is advisable you take time and read the rules and user agreement carefully.

  1. Don’t underprice your product

Your major aim of starting the business is to make a profit. Hence, it is important that you price your product very well. Take time to include all the cost you may incur before the product gets to your buyer such as shipping, boxes, wraps, marketplace fees etc.

  1. Don’t expect results instantly

Selling online requires patience and time. Entering a new marketplace requires time for your customers to develop trust in your product. It takes some time to build a customer mailing list and for you to get repeated customers.

  1. Be careful with your marketplace customers

New online sellers sometimes react in a negative way towards their buyers. This is not good as it may send a negative feedback. Hence, you should approach situations with caution and be careful so as not become over friendly at the same time.

  1. Employ time management

Don’t over spend time on social networks trying to market your product that you forget to ship or list new items. It is important that you practice good time management and be skillful at your daily task. Marketing is important but it shouldn’t replace other important things.

  1. You must reinvest

In order to grow, you must reinvest your profit. It is important to set goals and achieve them but your business should not suffer because you are trying to satisfy yourself. Hence, ensure you invest your profit and only spend when necessary.

  1. Document your process

Sellers perform different tasks every day. Hence, it is important to document your process so you don’t have to relearn a task over again.

  1. Always have a backup plan

It is important you have someone that can handle your business in case you are unavailable at a particular time. This is where documentation comes to play as the person will just go through the steps you have outlined in order to complete the task.

  1. Know your competitors

As a new online seller, it is important to do some competitive research so as to know your competitors and how to improve your product.

  1. You must Automate

You don’t have to wait till your business become big before you can automate. You should automate every repeated task so as to save time!

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